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70 years witnesses a big change in destiny of its people: Spokesperson

BEIJING, Sept 30 (INP): Foreign office’s spokesperson Hua Chunying said here on Monday at the media forum of developing countries that China has profoundly changed the destiny of the Chinese nation and the Chinese people during the last 70 years.

In the past 70 years, China has moved from being closed and backward to being open and making progress, from being poor to having enough food and clothing, and from being poor and weak to leading a moderately prosperous life.

850 million people have been lifted out of poverty, and hundreds of millions of people have entered the middle-income group.

She added “In a few decades, China has accomplished what developed countries have done for hundreds of years, expanded the path for developing countries to achieve modernization, and enriched the dreams of people around the world for a better life.

Over the past 70 years, China has actively promoted world peace and prosperity through its own development. It has become a major driver of global development and an important stabilizer of international peace.

For more than a decade, China has contributed more to global economic growth than any other country in the world. China is committed to promoting a higher level of opening-up, which I believe will bring a new round of “China opportunities” to the world.”

If you have lived in China for some time or are studying or working in China, I believe you have all had or had different experiences of China. There are stories of “Made in China” and “Created in China”, poverty reduction, ethnic solidarity, ecological progress, peaceful development, mutual benefit and win-win progress, and the building of a community with a Shared future for mankind.

Many people wonder why China can create such a miracle in just 70 years. Of course, these achievements did not fall from the sky. Nor are they stolen, as some countries claim. Instead, they were the result of the hard work, wisdom and courage of the Chinese people. The code for China’s development lies in our adherence to the centralized and unified leadership of the CPC, to the development path suited to China’s national conditions, to the basic state policy of reform and opening up, and to the people-centered development philosophy.

This is true, and it is being recognized by more and more leaders and people of countries who want to learn from China’s experience in governance.

On the other hand, some people in some countries seem to have a tendency: as long as it is led by the communist party of China, as long as it is from China or from a socialist country, it must be wrong and must be opposed.

What these people may not understand is that real harmony is based on a deep understanding and respect for being different. The world is diverse and colorful.

Each flower has its own unique beauty, no matter what kind of system or model, as long as it is in line with the national conditions, as long as it is supported by its people, as long as it can make its own country constantly move towards light and progress, as long as it can make its people live a better life, it is in line with the interests of the country, the right choice.

No one can make true friends without tolerance and generosity. Similarly, a country that cannot accept and tolerate the achievements and progress of other countries, but always suspects others of stealing the axe, or even doing everything possible to suppress it, will not be popular or welcomed.

I just returned from accompanying State Councilor Wang Yi to the general debate of the UN General Assembly yesterday. On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, I heard many leaders express their concern over the unilateralism and hegemonic acts of individual countries and their appreciation for China’s adherence to multilateralism and international rules. I saw that after State Councilor Wang Yi addressed the UN General Assembly, leaders and representatives of dozens of countries lined up to extend warm congratulations to state councilor wang yi. Seeing this scene, to tell the truth, my the heart is very moved. There is justice in this world. We all know who our true friends and partners are.

Under the leadership of the communist party of China, the Chinese people have created a miracle in 70 years. The truth of socialism with Chinese characteristics has been proven by history and practice to be a correct path that fully conforms to China’s national conditions and enjoys the support of the people. As long as we continue to work together and unswervingly follow the path we have chosen, we will surely achieve the goal of the great renewal of the Chinese nation. No more getting bullied, no more hunger, no more scolding. In this process, we are willing to strengthen exchanges and learning with other countries, but we will never be as keen as some countries to engage in ideological export or model replication. Because we believe that people of all countries have the wisdom and ability to find a development path that best suits their respective national conditions, live a better and better life, and enjoy their due dignity and rights.

We are all developing countries. China’s development is the strength of developing countries. The more developed China is, the more capable it will be of helping developing countries achieve common development, upholding fairness and justice for them and safeguarding their common interests.

She added “I feel that the voice of developing countries in the international arena is still not strong enough. I hope that through our joint efforts, the voice of developing countries will be heard more in the world.

Working and studying in China, many media friends with their eyes, ears, and feelings have written a lot of depth and vivid the reports and comments, becoming window and bridges for their countries’ mutual understanding and cooperation with China, played an important and positive role in order to help people of your country to understand a real, friendly, open, progressing China.”


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